Main Services

Low Voltage (L-V) Systems:

We design, supply and install any size Low Voltage System including the following for our H-V clients:

  • Cables, including Jointing and Terminations
  • Electricity Metering Units
  • Switch Gear, including Circuit Breakers, Isolators
  • Transformers – Dry and Oil filled types
  • Standby Generators Including Automatic Transfer Switches
  • All L-V Electrical Equipment and Devices including motors, lighting, outlets
  • Cable support Systems including conduits, ducts, trays
  • L-V System Grounding
  • All associated Civil Works
  • Testing and Commissioning of LV Systems
  • Infrared “HOTSPOT” Surveys of all Electrical Installation
  • Certification of LV Systems by the Electrical Inspectorate
  • Arrangement of supply from the Electrical Utility Company , T&TEC
  • Maintenance and Troubleshooting Services